Resident Rewards VIP Mobile App

For Cape Cod Residents ONLY!  

If you are here, you’re probably already a member of our Resident Rewards VIP Club…  Want to go card-less?  Just use our Mobile App, and put away your card.   Using our app is easy.  No need to re-enroll.

Simply download the App and then enter your existing Rewards Club member number and you’ll enjoy even more great offers every day.  Then you can throw your plastic rewards card away.  Or better yet, just keep it for old times sake.

Select one of these buttons on your smartphone:


Why download the Scargo Cafe Resident Rewards VIP Club app?   Here’s what you’re missing if you don’t:

  • 100 Bonus points (for first app use)
  • Check-in Feature – after 5 visits get a free dessert
  • “Take a spin” feature – an occasional game of chance where we give away “stuff”.
  • Earn Extra Points – for social posts & sharing
  • Exclusive Mobile “Flash Offers”

Using our Rewards app is just an easy way to keep track of your points, awards, and exclusive offers for Cape Residents ONLY.  Be sure to enter your existing 12 or 16 digit Rewards Club Member Number.   Don’t know your number?… can’t find your Member Card?   just give us a call and we’ll look you up.  Who knows… you may even have some $10 Certificates on your account already!



Use your phone to scan the appropriate QR Code below to get to your Mobile App.

Google Play – Android   


 iPhone / Apple