We accept reservations for exactly half (50%) of our available seating.  Most of our guests actually stop by casually without a reservation.  So… that means that half of our tables are set aside for walk-in guests.   Don’t be afraid to just drop in!  We’re always happy to have you, and we never turn anyone away.  If there is a wait for a table when you arrive, we start a “first come” queue.  We’ll do our absolute best to make it brief and painless.

Keep in mind that “same day” and “next day” reservations can be scarce during peak season and on weekends.  For special occasions and for those on a strict schedule it is best to plan ahead.

You can make all types of reservations below.  Be sure to scroll down to select an  Indoor or Outdoor dining experience when choosing a reservation type.

Due to weather concerns, we have to limit outdoor table reservations so that we have room on our awning covered deck (rain or shine).   When the weather is nice we can offer more outdoor table availability if it looks promising.

We do accept reservations by phone but please note…   Every available table is offered here online.  We do NOT have any additional table availability other than what you will find here.

Outdoor dining greehouses

Greenhouses ( AKA Igloos or Dining Huts) were a huge hit over the past two winters and they may return some day.   Although they were inspired by the Pandemic, they offered a truly unique and memorable dining experience.  To be honest, there were huge logistics in construction, maintaining, protecting, cleaning, and heating outdoor dining pods.  Our amazing service staff deserve a well earned break from serving guests out in the cold and rain.  We are NOT offering Greenhouse dining for 2022/23.  In the meantime we continue to offer outdoor service on our enclosed deck area with radiant heaters.   Stay tuned…   Greenhouse Dining FAQs here.