The Legend of Scargo

The Legend of Scargo

princessOn the eve of a long and dangerous journey into battle, a handsome young Cape Cod Indian brave was enchanted by the beauty of a Princess from a neighboring tribe. The young maiden, Princess Scargo of the Nobscusset tribe residing in the area, fell in love with the admiring brave.

As a token of his love and pledge to return safely, the young brave presented his beloved with four small shimmering fish. He delivered them in a wooden bowl. Princess Scargo adored her gift. She placed the silvery fish in a tiny pond for safe keeping and anxiously awaited his return.

But the summer was long and dry. Only one of the cherished fish survived. Princess Scargo wept in fear that her brave would not return. It is said that her many tears formed a puddle which save the lone surviving fish. To preserve the life of the remaining fish, her father, chief of the large tribe, called forth the remaining women and children to dig a pond as wide as an arrows flight. The excavated soil placed beside the lake formed Scargo Hill. From this vista, the Princess was able to safeguard her fish and keep watch for the return of her love.

At long last, Princess Scargo and the young brave were reunited. and lived along the shores of Scargo Lake. To this day, descendants of the silvery fish swim in Scargo Lake. When viewed from the tower atop Scargo Hill, the lake appears to be in almost perfect shape of a fish.

It is with great honor that we adopt the name Scargo in a proud tribute to the legendary and beautiful Scargo area of Dennis Village.

Scargo-Lake-HR-Dennis-MA-US“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.